Rules & Guidelines

This page has the Rules and Guidelines you and your companions are agreeing to follow while staying at the campground.

Your site includes one car/truck and one camper/tent (not both), 2 adults, and 3 children under 18.  The site selected for your stay will be long enough for your camper and vehicle parked in line.

We will process your payment for your entire stay when you arrive to check-in by either cash or credit/debit card.  We will prepare your registration packet prior to your arrival to ensure a timely check-in process prior to payment receipt.  After hour check-in will have the provided electronic payment processed prior to the office closing with the registration packet then placed on the Night Reservation board in front of the Welcome Center.  Please call as soon as possible if your plans change. 

EXTRA FEES: If you arrive early, stay late, have additional people or vehicles, there will be an additional charge made to your electronic payment. ($5 per hour, $5 per person per night, $5 per vehicle per night.)  CHECK OUT IS BY NOON.

NO driving or parking on the grass or adjacent sites.  We take pride in the grounds here at Double J Campground.


Mats/carpets are permitted on gravel only.  If mats/carpets are on the grass, you will be asked to move the mats/carpets onto the gravel only.  The grass needs to breathe to stay alive and green.

As a reminder, please be courteous and do not walk through occupied campsites.

All vehicles on the campground property must have a security gate access pass issued at check-in.  NO sharing of security gate access passes is allowed.  Vehicles not issued a security gate access pass may be removed from the property.  Visitor Parking Lot in the front of the campground does not require a security gate access pass.

When visitors arrive, they must check-in at registration.  We do not charge for day visitors walking into the campground but do reserve the right to limit visitors.  Visitors must park in the visitor lot in the front of the campground or will be given parking instructions if staying overnight.  Overnight visitors are charged a fee referenced in ‘Extra Fees’ above.  NOBODY except registered campers (including overnight guests) may drive into the campground without a security gate access pass.  Anyone trying to ‘run the gate’ WILL BE charged for any damages as well as a labor fee to repair the security gate.  Visitors are the responsibility of the registered camper and must follow the Rules and Guidelines.

Registered Campers with extra vehicles must park the extra vehicle in the spot defined when checking in.  A motorcycle or trailer of any type is considered an extra vehicle and may only be kept on site if space permits parking on the gravel.  Parking on the grass is not permitted.  Parking on open sites is not permitted.  An extra vehicle charge of $5 per vehicle/trailer per day is applicable.

Pets must be attended and leashed at all times when outside of the RV.  Please walk pets in one of the three designated Pet Walking areas and please clean up after your pet.  Receptacles for doggy waste bags and trash cans are located in the three dog walk areas for convenience.  We have added a fenced off-leash dog run area for your furry campers to enjoy while camping here.  Dogs may not run free in the back fields or anywhere else on the premises.  Pets may not be left unattended outside camping units at any time.

NO FIREWOOD may be brought into the Double J Campground to prevent the spread of insects and diseases.  Please keep all campfires inside the provided fire rings.  Do not move the fire ring or acquire one from another site.  Grill grates are available for the fire pits if you would like to use one at the campground.

Please bag, tie, and place all garbage into dumpsters located near the Welcome Center.  Burning trash is prohibited.

Absolutely every person on the pool deck must have a swim band from the Double J Campground.  Anyone under 18 years of age on the pool deck must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.  Swim at your own risk.

Visitors of campers who decide to go swimming or be on the pool deck must obtain the $5.00 daily swim band.   (Campers always swim free but must wear a swim band)

Internet Access: The wireless network “doublej guest” is available to all campers without an access code, password, or additional charge.  Our Wi-Fi is not designed for heavy usage.  It is more for checking e-mail/Facebook, finding your next stop, etc.  We recommend having your own hot spot for any heavier usage.  If you exceed usage limits, your access will be blocked.

STORM SHELTERS ARE LOCATED IN THE FRONT RESTROOMS AND LAUNDRY.  While you are welcome to bring your pets for shelter, they must be on leash or crated and only in the laundry room.

Quiet Hours:  Please be respectful of other campers and maintain quite hours from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am.  Visitors should leave by 9:00pm.

Check-Out time is Noon.  It is not necessary to stop in at the office when leaving.  Simply deposit your trash in the dumpster on your way out and wave bye.  If you are not able to leave by noon, please talk to the office about late check-out availability.  A $5.00 per hour late departure fee may be applied.

Extending your Stay:  We thank you for staying with us at the Double J Campground.  If you decide to extend your stay, please see us in the office as soon as possible.  We will do our best to keep you on your current site.  We wish we could guarantee this, but sometimes it is necessary to move you to a new site when you’re extending.

For your safety and preservation of the campground, we ask you to abide by the following:

•    Regulations require only one sleeping rig per site (a second rig or tent may NOT be added to the site).

•    Satellite poles may not be driven into the ground. Satellites may be on a tri-pod on the gravel at your site. Satellites MAY NOT be installed on the grass.

•    Clothes lines are not permitted in private parks.  Permanent fences are not permitted.

•   Personal golf carts and motorized recreational vehicles are NOT permitted in the park.  This policy prohibits the use of ‘toy’ electric two-wheeled scooters as well as any battery operated ‘cars’ by children or adults.  This is due to insurance regulations, so please abide by this request.

•    Please DO NOT wash your RV or vehicle at the site.  RV washing is only permitted at the Double J Campground with prior permission from the Welcome Center staff & fee paid and performed by an approved company providing their own water.

•    We encourage everyone when riding a bicycle on the campground to wear a helmet.  As a courtesy to fellow campers, we ask that bike riders not ride through other’s sites.

•    Fireworks are NOT permitted in the park. Local laws regarding this will be enforced.

•    Illinois regulations require a secure air tight sewer connection and are available for purchase in the Welcome Center.

•    Double J Campground assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or losses from any causes.

•    This campground reserves the right to cancel any scheduled or unscheduled activities.  We also reserve the right to request any camper or visitor to discontinue any activities that are considered inappropriate.

•   Failure to follow campground rules and/or instructions by staff or owners including but not limited to public intoxication; distribution or illegal use of drugs or alcohol; abusive or disruptive behavior or language all constitute reasons you may be asked to leave the campground immediately.  No refund will be given.  Possible criminal charges and liability for damages including full restitution for losses to campground may also result from such actions.

•   This campground is on private property.  Failure to comply with any request to leave constitutes trespassing and will result in an eviction and prosecution by the police.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  We ask that you notify us as soon as possible with a phone call or e-mail during scheduled business office hours to cancel or amend your stay so we may offer the site to others.  Any cancellation fee will be charged on the electronic payment provided for the reservation.  24 HOURS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL cancellations will be charged a $25 fee.  ARRIVAL DAY cancellations will be charged a one night stay.  Failure to contact us to cancel after the arrival day or not show up will result in NO REFUND of the charges for your entire reserved stay.  Any refunds of camping fees granted due to circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis with processing fees deducted from the refund.  If you think you will be here for 3 or maybe 4 days as an example, let us know and we will only charge for the first 3 days but will reserve the site in the event you want to extend the last day.  There is no cancellation fee for the last day in this example.  We ask that you please keep us ‘in the loop’ if you are not staying the last night.

*** HOLIDAY/SPECIAL EVENT CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellation time periods require a longer notice to avoid a fee for HOLIDAYS (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day) and SPECIAL EVENTS (State Fair, Route 66 Festival).  3 to 5 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL cancellations will be charged a $25 fee.  2 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL cancellations will be charged a one night stay.  ARRIVAL DAY cancellations will be charged the full reservation amount.

Updated February 3, 2024